Sweden cissan, on 22/07/2013 13:28 said:
I want to thank You all for everything during my short vacation here on Malta. Tomorrow I´m going back to Sweden but I will get back to Malta, that´s for sure!

I hope I get the opportunity to see you in Sweden, maybe as a driver now and then?

cissan alias Cecilia
Malta Carmela, on 05/06/2013 21:38 said:
hi :)
can you please update me on Cool and Diva?
Thank you :)
Malta Etienne, on 20/04/2013 21:12 said:
Hi Ewa, very nice to hear from you again. Haski is behaving really well and Alba is happy to spend some time with him out in his paddock. We had a very positive meeting yesterday with a win from Hulot and a second place from Cocos. Lemon was the but did really good, while Mint was good aswell. We miss here at the farm and hope to see you back soon.

Sweden ewa, on 16/04/2013 22:13 said:
Nice to read your updates and that you are all busy racing. :-) Also happy to know Alba is keeping my horse company while I'm away. Hopefully he wont send her in an orbit around Earth like he did once before. Will be back on Sunday the 21st. Miss you all, see you soon.
Malta Jane, on 13/03/2013 22:45 said:
yeah yeah whatever :D ....guess other people reacted cause your tone of voice was "so nice" for "the old pal Big" ... but never mind...as long as Big and Jason enjoys their racing I am satisfied...and as long no bad wishes comes his way :)
Malta Etienne, on 10/03/2013 19:39 said:
Hi Jane,
So you are upset about a comment I wrote in this site regarding my old pal Big. You should not be upset when someone write the truth. I wrote that Big was not in the shape he used to be in the race. This was confirmed by Jason who drove him and now it is confirm by yourself by saying that he had fever. I suggest you should be upset when someone writes something that is completely false, something I never do. Probably you misunderstood, for obvious reasons, me writing when I said that he was not in the form he used to be. I did not mean by saying that for the days when he was at J.Vassallo Stables and always race brilliantly but 'used to be' meant when Big managed to obtain a win when he left the stables.
On one thing we agree, I would be extremely happy to see the team of Jason and my old pal Big getting back to the old times and manage to grab a win. You know how much I love my old pal and I just hope that you are right in saying that it is time again for some fun.
Malta Jane, on 09/03/2013 08:30 said:
I was just informed about an old comment on "the old pal Big" in december...and the old pal Big was a bit upset hearing that and as a "mommy" I run to defend him...running with a fever and not having mommy to prepare him did not make him justice....as he proved yesterday (8/3) with a very happy driver Jason...Hope Big wont have these kind of comments in the future. He deserves more, as we all know that he will always do his best if he can!!!! Facts are always good to have before a comment is made!!!! But now he will be prepared to go for the Swedish Championships and hope the old team Big/Jason will do what they always done...have fun and make results :)
Malta J.Vassallo Stables, on 31/12/2012 19:06 said:
Thanks Rolle Happy New year to you too.
Sweden Roland, on 30/12/2012 23:42 said:
grattis to god races today Happy new ear and next year vill be grate
Malta Etienne , on 29/11/2012 19:59 said:
Nixtieq nirringrazzjak tal-kummenti sbieh tieghek rigward il-blogg li nikteb. Napprezza hafna li innutajt l-isforz li Jason u t-tim tieghu jghamel sabiex izomm iz-zwiemel u l-farm f'kundizzjoni tajba.
Grazzi hafna.

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