Bet365 is a British gaming company owned by Denise Coates based in the UK which has customers globally. Asian handicap bet365 is a form of betting where the tie results are removed. With Asian handicap, you have two options; either place your bet for home or away; thus a 50 percent chance of losing or winning alike.

In standard 1X2 wagering, there is a 33% chance for each outcome.

This method of placing bets on matches have become very popular in Asia, hence, the name Asian handicap, this form of betting is gradually taking over the European bet world.


Generally, in the betting game, when a bet is placed on an odd, any outcome which negates the odd placed results in total loss of the money place. On the other hand, Asian handicap gives the opportunity to get a refund if there is a draw in the game, hence, its popularity. Also, it offers options for getting a fraction of your money, depending on the kind of Asian handicap place.


AH with bet365 can be placed in a varied number of ways but in general, one of the teams usually a weaker team is given a head-start advantage either in point or goal, thus, the Asian handicap either favors the strong team or the weak team. The following are the different ways Asian handicap can be placed:


With this type of AH, no team is given an advantage over the other. Therefore, the default start score or point for both teams is 0. For instance: A football match between Manchester City and Leicester City on Asian Handicap 0.0 at 1.70 odd and the bet is placed on a win by Manchester City. Then the game start at a 0:0 score.

This eliminates the chances of no winner or looser. So, should there be a match draw, the bet money is returned in full?

If the game end and Leicester City beat Manchester City, then your money is lost to the game.

If the game is won as predicted by Manchester City, then, you have won the bet amount.


In this option of AH, the weaker team has an advantage of goals before the game. This means that, for the bet to favor you, the strong team must win.

A draw returns half the amount placed on the bet. But a win from the weak team means your money is lost to the bet.


Placing a bet with this AH means a 50/50 win or lose. The weaker team is given a head start advantage.

To win the stronger team needs to score is required to win the game. Should they lose, so also is your bet amount and there is no refund for a match draw.


This type of AH is different from Asian Handicap with very little exceptions. The weak team is given a head start advantage.

Should the strong team win or draw, you win all your value of the odd worth?

If the weak team win with a one-goal difference, you get a 50% value of your odd. If the weak team wins by any number of goal difference above one, your money is lost to the bet.


In this type of AH, the weak team is given a -1 head start advantage meaning that they have 1 goal score before the game kick start. Thus if the strong team wins by 2 or more goals, you win the full value of the bet odd. If the weak team loses by one goal difference you get your money back, no wager. If there is a tie, just like the AH 0.75, you lose your bet.