Jason Vassallo Stables, composed mainly of 3 people, is one of the best stables one finds in the small Mediterranean island of Malta.

Jason Vassallo, born in 1972, is the owner and main driver of the horses at Jason Vassallo Stables. His passion for horse racing began when he was young and his favorite horse is Clack de Tupot.

Jason Vassallo

Ian Vella is another dedicated helper at the farm and his help is highly valuable when it is the time to train the horses at sea.

Ian Vella

Jason Vassallo Stables is currently the owner of 1 horse whilst 2 other horses are kept there in training. You can find the whole list of our horses underneath the Horses page. At Jason Vassallo Stable we believe that keeping our horses fit through a differentiation of training methods is vital in order to maintain physical fitness and a healthy mind of our horses. For this reason we take full profit of the sea surrounding our island to exercise our horses at sea. We also have a Jacuzzi at our farm in order to keep our horses feel the water round their legs when going to the sea is not possible.

The whole crew during training................................................................The jacuzzi

The horses in Sweden are trained by Roland Jansson and Asa Lindberg. You can find their website here

Asa Lindberg and Roland Jansson

In order to transport horses from the farm to the horse racing track, Jason Vassallo Stables have also available a transport truck. If someone would like to use this service, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our local transport truck

2012 was signed by a great event for Jason Vassallo Stables and this was the setting up of our New Farm. We now hold a state of the art farm with all commodities for horses and owner. We assure the best stay for our horses in order to get the best performance results.

The new Jason Vassallo Stables